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{August 14, 2009}   Saving Money Tips

Sometimes the idea of saving money gets boring and tired, can we just go out and have fun for a change?  Everyone’s so concerned about following saving money tips they learned from here or there, and clipping coupons and pinching pennies.  Well there are some great ways of going out and having fun and not being worried about how much money we spent.  Some of the most memorable moments we’ve had are when we helped a friend or neighbor do something and got so engrossed in the project that we just completely forgot about whether we were saving money or not, like raking leaves out of the yard and chatting and telling stories.  A few weeks ago I helped a neighbor install an air conditioner on one of his cars.  It turns out that he is an excellent mechanic, so all I had to do was basically follow his direction, and hand him the tools he needed.  We spent about two hours that day and he had the thing working shortly after that. 

The next day he offered to help me with my car.  I needed a valve cover gasket and I wasn’t sure how to install it.  I’m not really that good with auto mechanics, but I don’t mind getting my hands a little dirty if I can save money in the process.  But then again, once we got involved in the  process, I had completely forgot about how much money I was saving.  It was just really neat to see this little project come together and once we got it back together I realized it had only taken a little over an hour.  I guess it helps to have friends that are good at things we can’t do so well ourselves, but I met him a few years ago, by simply going over and helping him do something on his house that he really didn’t want to do, and that was to install insulation underneath the floor of his house to keep it warm in the winter.  That didn’t take too long either, with both of us working on it.  Check out our money saving tips blog for many more ways to connect with friends and neighbors and make life better for everyone.


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